Monday, March 5, 2012

News for the week of: February 26th - March 3rd by Thomas Little

National News
News Clip:"What is clear is that as governor he had high-profile fights with the leader of his state's university system, that he is a generous donor to his alma mater, that he thinks highly of for-profit higher education and that a significant higher education software company, Jenzabar, is among his campaign's strongest backers."
News Clip:"Santorum again called President Obama a "snob" for wanting all Americans to go to college. There are "good, decent men and women," Santorum said, who are proud of their skills that were "not taught by some liberal college professor." He added, comparing himself to President Obama: "He wants to remake you in his image. I want to create jobs so people can remake their children into their image, not his."
News Clip:"A team of researchers led by Nicole M. Stephens, an assistant professor at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, argues that American academic institutions expect a level of independence that is uncomfortable for many first-generation college students, who researchers say are more likely to come from poorer backgrounds that emphasize collaboration and interdependence."
"Super Tuesday preview: Ohio shaping up to be microcosm of heated GOP primary race"

News Clip: "The upcoming Super Tuesday primary in Ohio is proving to be the perfect microcosm of the nation’s unruly race for the Republican presidential nomination: Mitt Romney is spending lots of money, Rick Santorum is aggressively courting conservatives and Newt Gingrich is counting on big ideas to swing votes his way."
New Jersey News
"The Numbers Game: Can NJ Afford Christie's Tax Cuts?":
News Clip: "While Christie and Democratic legislative leaders have been sparring for the past six weeks over whether to cut income taxes or property taxes, the real question is whether New Jersey can afford a major tax cut at all."
"At the Rescue Mission of Trenton, Christie offers plans for treatment program of nonviolent drug offenders"

News Clip:"Surrounded by the facilities of the Rescue Mission of Trenton and some of the men whose recoveries it has enabled, Gov. Chris Christie yesterday offered details for expanding a program that would make treatment mandatory for nonviolent drug offenders instead of time in jail"
"In New Jersey, a Battle Over a Fluoridation Bill, and the Facts"

News Clip:"While 72 percent of Americans get their water from public systems that add fluoride, just 14 percent of New Jersey residents do, placing the state next to last, ahead of only Hawaii, and far behind nearby New York (72 percent), Pennsylvania (54 percent) and Connecticut (90 percent)."
"Conflicting Views Over State’s Strategic Growth Plan"
News Clip: "The 41-page plan emphasizes economic growth instead of environmental preservation by establishing geographic industry clusters where the state will direct investments and resources to bolster high-growth sectors, such as finance, healthcare, and the ports."
"NJ Poised to Vote on Health Insurance Exchange"

News Clip:"The legislature is to vote March 15 on bills to create New Jersey’s health insurance exchange, an online virtual marketplace that would make a range of more affordable options for health coverage available to individuals and employees of small businesses when federal healthcare reforms go into effect in 2014."
"Local governments stand to save millions by opting in to N.J. health plan"

News Clip:"Local governments could save more than $100 million annually by opting for the state health plan instead of costlier alternatives, according to a state Comptroller’s Office report released Tuesday."

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