Wednesday, February 29, 2012

RAPPS General Meeting 2/29/12 by Joshua Wilcox

This afternoon, the RAPPS Board hosted the first general meeting of the semester. The main points covered in the meeting are listed below along with the contact information of those in charge:

  1. The RAPPS blog: The RAPPS blog is soliciting content and coverage ideas from all planning and policy students. If you are interested in contributing articles or come across information relevant to planning or policy that should be covered by the blog, please email RAPPS editor Joshua Wilcox at
  2. Service opportunities: RAPPS Service Chair Emily Manz is planning a visit to the Greater Newark Conservancy in late March or early April to do some gardening. An email will be sent out when a date is confirmed. If you are interested in participating or have ideas for more service opportunities, please email Emily at
  3. Tour of Lower Manhattan: RAPPS founder and Bloustein alum Richard Landman has offered to guide students on a tour of Lower Manhattan. The charge for the entire group will be $250. If you are interested, email the RAPPS Board at You can find more information about Mr. Landman’s tours at
  4. New cycling GSO: Bloustein PhD candidate Brian Stromberg is in the process of forming a new GSO for graduate students who are interested in cycling. The GSO will serve to coordinate bike rides, movie nights, and speakers related to cycling and transportation issues.  Stromberg is also working towards securing a possible on-campus location for bike repairs and events. Please contact him at if you are interested in participating.
  5. DC alumni contacts. Students interested in networking with alumni living in Washington D.C. can contact Brian Stromberg at He will give you the contact information of alumni in the city.
  6. New Rutgers student organization: Latinos Entering Government and Law (LEGAL) From the group’s website, “The purpose of LEGAL shall be to further promote higher education by unifying all, but not limited to, Latino students throughout Rutgers University on the New Brunswick/ Piscataway Campus who wish to pursue a career in government and/or law.” For more information, please visit the group’s website at
  7. Bloustein Symposium: The Bloustein School will host the Symposium on Planning Health, Sustainable Communities from Thursday April 26th to Friday April 27th. The registration fee for students is $25. For more information, visit the Symposium’s website: Students are encouraged to submit abstracts for posters. If interested, contact the RAPPS Board at
  8. GSA funds: We are not using all of our GSA funds. If they are not used by the end of the semester, we could lose funding in future years. Please email event ideas to the RAPPS board at
  9. Coffee talks: The RAPPS board is considering hosting a series of Bloustein coffee talks, informal meetings where students discuss planning and policy issues of interest. If you have ideas for specific policy or planning topics you would like to discuss with your peers, please email the RAPPS board at
  10. Super Tuesday: The RAPPS board will host an event next Tuesday March 6th at 7:30 to watch results from Super Tuesday and eat free pizza.
  11. Women’s Leadership Conference: The Women’s Leadership Conference will be held on March 30th. It is open to all graduate students and will include a planning and policy component. Any questions regarding this event can be sent to Susannah Dey at
  12. Bloustein movie night: The RAPPS Board is soliciting ideas for movies to show at a planning and policy movie night that will be held later in the semester. Please send your suggestions to
  13. Planning Reality 101: This even will be held on Wednesday March 28th at 6 PM. Recent alumni will discuss their experience since leaving Bloustein. Contact:
  14. WBBB: The next Walk Bloustein Bike Bloustein general meeting will be held on March 7th.  Additional information can be found at the group's Facebook page:

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