Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Plethora of Opportunities

I know we are just getting past fall semester mid-terms but yes... it is already time to think about selecting courses for next semester because registeration starts Sunday, November 6th. Thankfully, with all of the amazing-sounding offerings, this should be a pleasant task. Now is your chance to branch out and think beyond the box (i.e. core classes) and think about taking seminars and studios that pique your interest.

Seminars usually require more reading and more writing but give you the opportunity to think more critically about one specific topic that interests you. Studios are required but are also fantastic because they involve hands-on and technical work while working as a planning team and applying your expertise (or figuring out what it is). If these studios are half as exciting as their short titles make them sound they should be great. I just wish I could take more than two!

Spring 2012 Seminars in Urban Planning and Public Policy
  • Development Preservation of Large Cities
  • Art and City Design
  • Mental Health Policy
  • Public Policy Finance
  • Planning and Land Use Administration
  • Green Buildings
  • Integrated Energy Challenges and Opportunities
  • Appraisal, Analysis and Real Estate Pro-Formas
  • LEED Housing
  • Public Policy Budgeting
  • Green Economic Policies Worldwide
  • Transportation Security
  • Writing for Professionals
Spring 2012 Graduate Planning Studios
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Urban Trnsit
  • Easton Avenue Redevelopment
  • Visioning the Future Raritan Part II
  • Innovations in Community Economic Development
  • The New River Agenda
Keep in mind the course offerings may change but these highlights can get you started. Watch this link for any changes:

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