Monday, October 31, 2011

2011 Louis Berger Group Fellows Share their Experience

Please come out Wednesday afternoon to the Special Events Forum at Bloustein to hear four of your fellow MCRP/MPP students share their experiences during the summer of 2011 as Louis Berger Group fellows working internationally on pressing planning and policy issues.

If you are interested in applying to be one of the 2012 Berger Fellows, this is the perfect chance to network and learn more about what the experience is actually like. If not, it is a great chance to revel in your classmates' exciting travels and get some FREE FOOD.

The students presenting and their project titles are:

  • David Burgy, MCRP '12 - "Transportation Planning and Infrastructure Projects" - Mumbai, India
  • Michael Cassidy, MCRP '12 - "Expansion of Mauritius Airport" - Mauritius
  • Kristin Crandall, MPP/MCRP '12 - "Airline Capacity Modeling" - Costa Rica
  • Katherine Nosker, MCRP '12 - "Growth with Equity Project" - Mindanao, Phillipines

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