Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Face Lift for the RAPPS Newsletter

Did you check out the new and improved RAPPS newsletter, yet? The Spring 2011 RAPPS Newsletter highlighted the ingenuity and energy of the first-year MCRPs (now rising second-years) as they have created yet another new student interest group; "Walk Bloustein - Bike Bloustein (WB3)." Check out the newsletter for information on getting involved with this group and with the newly formed International Development Interest Group (IDIG). IDIG was first introduced in the Fall 2010 RAPPS Newsletter. Also check out the newsletter for a walk down memory road ... Snowball 2011 ... Winter and Spring intramural sports ...

Do you have an article idea that didn't make it into the Spring RAPPS newsletter? Well, it's not too late... just send it to for it to be highlighted here on The RAPPS Blog!

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